Shining a light on secondhand summer style

The fashion forward are thinking ahead, not only about what’s on-trend this summer, but also about making more sustainable and ethical purchase decisions.

Secondhand is not just for seasoned thrifters; it is swiftly becoming the first choice for many of us whose go-to has been hitting the high street first.

Affordable ethical fashion - making fashion go further

What has been well-known among high-street-charity-shop rummagers for many years, and that many of us are discovering, is that the secondhand market is chock-full of diverse, high-quality, nearly-new - and vintage - garments to suit every taste.

The secondhand market offers size inclusivity as well as a range of styles. Search our own online shop for plus sizes and feel confident that every garment has been thoroughly assessed for quality and condition.

Making the choice to support a local charity makes your money go further too; your new-preloved look even helps to save lives, making secondhand fashion the ethical choice for the conscious consumer.

How to curate the perfect secondhand summer wardrobe

To help our online shoppers find a style that suits them, we offer accurate product descriptions and photography with each garment listed falling into a minimum of our top silver and gold label categorisation, which ensures their quality.

But shopping online isn’t the same as popping into a changing room, which is a plus if the prospect of public changing is one of the less enjoyable aspects of shopping!

A fun way to put together your own unique summer online look is by assembling garments, shoes and accessories using screenshots. Simply crop your shots and pop them together to get a sense of the look you are going for.

We compiled this summer outfit which features a versatile Hollister denim jacket, a Lindy-bop cotton floral frock, white M&S ankle-sling heels, a corresponding vibrant Sarah Miller Clutch, plus real silver starfish necklace for a fraction of what the same outfit would cost new. In fact, quite a few of the garments we sell still sport their original swing labels!

Have a go! And share your uniquely curated looks with #FoundAtDAAT! We’d love to see how your creativity plays out on Instagram. And don’t forget, with every purchase you are giving a new lease of life to a preloved garment and making an important difference to people and planet. Affordable ethical clothing is available in as many styles as there are tastes. Buy secondhand clothes online today!

An outfit compiled from our site using screenshots. A fun way to build a beautiful ethical secondhand wardrobe

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