Closing the loop: the value of shopping sustainably

What does shopping sustainably mean to you, to the planet and to your local air ambulance charity? Find out how your decision to shop online with us is good for everyone. 

There are all sorts of ways to shop secondhand online, from popular fashion apps to local social media marketplaces. It is a great way to give pre-loved items a new lease of life and, if you are a seller, to make a little money out of your prior purchases too.  

But when you shop secondhand from a charity, you are also helping the money from your purchase to go even further. When you buy clothes, books gifts, or household items from Shopdaat, you know that you are helping to support a local life-saving charity. 

Why shopping secondhand is first choice 

Shopping secondhand is an ethical and sustainable alternative to the throwaway culture established by fast-fashion.  

Secondhand shopping not only offers good quality, affordable items, but by making secondhand your first port of call, you are helping to take the strain off the planet’s natural resources too, thereby closing the loop that contributes to £140 million of clothing going to landfill each year 

Add to this textile waste, the impact of the production processes such as pollutants, and the resources used, and shopping secondhand is a no-brainer.  

Find something special and do something special 

One of the consequences of the fast fashion paradigm is that garments aren’t made to last: many are built to be disposable to meet the demands of an ever-accelerating fashion market, which can mean that some donations to the secondhand market aren’t high quality enough for us to sell. We are obliged then to manage the disposal of such items by passing them on to the textile recycling industry, which, depending on the market, doesn’t always mean we make income from them. 

However, we also receive a great many quality garments that we are very happy to offer to our customers. Because so many of the items donated to us are one-offs in brand, label, type and size, there are countless ways to build a unique style assembled from your online browsing session.  

How does shopping with us help our service? 

The income we make from the retail arm of the charity goes back into our lifesaving service. As an independent charity we depend upon the support of communities, including our online shopping community, to help keep us attending patients in time-critical situations. 

Of course, as well as being a customer, you can also help by donating your own pre-loved items with us too. When you donate items to our high street stores, you can also claim Gift Aid, which is an invaluable help to our service. 

So, your new-to-you summer read, picnic hamper, shoes or top not only makes a difference to the planet, but it makes a big difference to people too.  

Find your re-loved item!


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